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Frame curtain wall
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Frame curtain wall

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Frame curtain wall (also known as structural curtain wall) is to transport the curtain wall components (pillars, beams, panels, etc.) processed in the workshop to the construction site, and install the curtain wall pillars to the main structure one by one according to a certain construction process Installation, then install beams, panel glass, and finally complete the curtain wall installation of the entire curtain wall installation. Frame-type curtain wall can be divided into bright-frame curtain wall, semi-concealed frame curtain wall (horizontal concealed, vertical concealed), and full-concealed frame curtain wall from the external effect. Frame curtain wall is widely used in the building curtain wall market due to its excellent cost performance.
Open-frame glass curtain wall refers to the form of curtain wall with a decorative cover on the outer surface of the glass periphery.
1. Good airtight, watertight and seismic performance.
2. The assembly of glass and other panels is embedded in the groove of the profile, which is safe and reliable.
3. The open-frame glass curtain wall system with thermal insulation and cold bridge profiles has good thermal insulation performance.
4. The horizontal and vertical decorative covers can create unique architectural visual effects.
5. It can realize the effect of building curtain wall of any shape.
6, easy to disassemble, easy to replace, easy to repair.
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