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Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer:

The fluorocarbon aluminum veneers produced by our company are all made of high-quality high-strength aluminum alloy materials, and the surface is sprayed with PVDF fluorocarbon baking paint. The thickness of the aluminum plate is 1.0mm-30mm. The fluorocarbon aluminum veneer is mainly composed of a panel, a rib, a mounting ear and the like, and has a service life of more than 20 years.

Surface coating and color of fluorocarbon aluminum veneer

Fluorocarbon resin coating is an organic coating based on KYNAR 500 or HYLAR 5000 5000 fluorocarbon resin. It has excellent performance and has unparalleled characteristics such as excellent weather resistance and UV resistance; color The gloss is very durable and stable, excellent acid and alkali resistance, can withstand the test of harsh environment; the coating is smooth, pollution resistance, coating adhesion is good, high toughness, strong impact resistance; wide color range, bright and beautiful Excellent texture, fluorocarbon resin coating performance meets AAMA2605 standard. The color of fluorocarbon aluminum veneer depends on the color of its surface coating, and various colors required by the project can be adjusted according to customer requirements.

main application:

Architectural curtain wall, column beam, balcony, partition package decoration, interior decoration, advertising sign, carriage, furniture, exhibition stand, cabinet shell, instrument panel, etc.

Product Features:

(1) Light weight, good rigidity and high strength;

(2) Excellent weather resistance and UV resistance, excellent acid and alkali resistance;

(3) Wide color selectivity and good decorative effect;

(4) Easy and fast installation and construction;

(5) Easy maintenance and cleaning.

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