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Pattern aluminum plate

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Pattern aluminum plate

Fluorocarbon pattern aluminum plate


(1) The amount of color is now

The pattern is the color of the paint itself, and it is formed by the high-temperature baking paint surface of 224-255 degrees C.

(2) The pattern feels realistic

Both the grain and the stone are sampled from real materials, so they have a rich wood and stone texture.

(3) Various patterns

Can imitate more than 800 kinds of marble and more than 50 minutes of wood grain.

(4) complete painting specifications

The thickness of aluminum can be between 0.06-3.0mm and the board width can reach 1600mm. Not only can it meet the needs of fluorocarbon sprayed aluminum veneer, but it can also be widely used in aluminum ceilings, aluminum-plastic panels, polyurethane insulation panels, aluminum peak nest panels Wait.

Fluorocarbon pattern aluminum plate has the same excellent performance as ordinary fluorocarbon coating, and has the same pattern as real stone and wood, which can be used on the same building as real stone and wood. No obvious difference can be seen.

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