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1. Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer:

The fluorocarbon aluminum veneers produced by our company are all made of high-quality high-strength aluminum alloy materials, and the surface is sprayed with PVDF fluorocarbon baking paint. The thickness of the aluminum plate is 1.0mm-30mm. The fluorocarbon aluminum veneer is mainly composed of a panel, a rib, a mounting ear and the like, and has a service life of more than 20 years. Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer surface coating and color fluorocarbon resin coating is an organic coating based on KYNAR-500 or HYLAR-5000 fluorocarbon resin. It has excellent performance and has characteristics unmatched by coatings, such as extreme Excellent weather resistance and UV resistance; color and gloss are very durable and stable, excellent acid and alkali resistance, can withstand harsh environmental tests; coating is smooth, pollution resistance, coating adhesion, high toughness, impact resistance Strong; wide color range, bright and beautiful, excellent texture, fluorocarbon resin coating performance meets AAMA2605 standard. The color of fluorocarbon aluminum veneer depends on the color of its surface coating, and various colors required by the project can be adjusted according to customer requirements. Main applications: architectural curtain walls, column beams, balconies, partitions, package decoration, interior decoration, advertising signs, carriages, furniture, exhibition stands, instrument enclosures, instrument panels, etc.

Product Features:

(1) Light weight, good rigidity and high strength;

(2) Excellent weather resistance and UV resistance, excellent acid and alkali resistance;

(3) Wide color selectivity and good decorative effect;

(4) Easy and fast installation and construction;

(5) Easy maintenance, simple cleaning, etc.

Aluminum-plastic board products

The aluminum-plastic composite board is composed of thirteen layers of materials. The aluminum plate is high-quality alloy aluminum, and the core material is polyethylene and modified polyethylene. The two-layer aluminum plate and the one-layer core material form a sandwich sandwich structure, which gives the composite plate a bearing function and displays light, strong, and rigid characteristics. The surface of the aluminum plate is chemically treated with a hard and uniform chemical conversion film with a thickness of 5-7um, which enhances the anticorrosive function of the aluminum material and improves the interface bonding force between the aluminum plate and other materials. Polyethylene is a difficult-to-bond material with low surface tension and cannot be directly bonded to aluminum plates. Instead, it relies on polymer transitions to produce physical and chemical effects, and is firmly bonded to aluminum plates to form one body. The decorative surface is coated with PVDF-type fluorocarbon coating with a thickness of more than 25um. The
performance of the decorative surface coating meets the American Building Industry Code (AAMA) and other relevant architectural aluminum coating specifications and standards. The color of the coating can be selected according to the company's standard color card, or it can be specified by the customer. The aluminum-plastic composite board is covered with a black and white protective film on the decorative surface to prevent the coating from being damaged during the transportation, processing or installation of the board.
Main applications: In addition to the decoration of curtain walls, interior and exterior walls, entrance halls, restaurants, shops, conference rooms, etc., it can also be used in the reconstruction of old buildings, as counters, the surface layer of furniture, and the inner and outer walls of vehicles.

Product Features:

Small quality, good rigidity, rich colors,

strong decoration;
high surface flatness, good durability,

good processability; good
fire resistance, strong acid resistance,

good sound insulation;
easy maintenance, simple cleaning and so on.

Fireproof aluminum-plastic

composite board standard specifications:

Thickness: 2mm to 6mm
aluminum thickness: 0.12mm to 0.6mm
width: 1220mm to 1550mm
length: any length
standard size: 1,220 * 2,440mm (special size
can be made according to

customer requirements ) color: special color
coating can be customized according to

customer requirements : Fluorocarbon and polyester coating.

Stainless steel products

The main types of business undertaken are as follows

1. Stainless steel curtain wall projects, such as: stainless steel curtain wall decoration parts, curtain wall mounting brackets / connection products, stainless steel shutters, stainless steel decorative mesh curtain wall, stainless steel materials and other metal composite panels.
2. Stainless steel decoration projects, such as: stainless steel clad plates for elevators, stainless steel doors and windows, stainless steel screens, partitions, stainless steel stairs, handrails and guardrails.
3. Stainless steel infrastructure projects, such as: stainless steel structure canopies, stainless steel floor drains / grids, stainless steel light poles, stainless steel bumpers / poles, stainless steel railings, fences, fences, etc.
4. Stainless steel municipal engineering, such as stainless steel bus platforms, stainless steel blind channels, stainless steel flyovers, stainless steel high-speed rail stations / subway facilities, etc.
5. Stainless steel structure / functional products, such as: customized stainless steel products, various stainless steel mounting brackets / connectors, stainless steel sheet metal products for various types of machinery and equipment, stainless steel flagpoles, stainless steel hotel kitchenware, etc.
Specializing in the production and processing of 304, 304L, 316L and other stainless steel wire drawing boards, mirror panels, frosted boards, sandblasted boards, and pattern boards, non-slip boards, and various colored stainless steel boards.

The production process includes:

High-precision laser cutting, CNC V-groove, CNC bending, CNC punching, stamping, drawing, bending, rounding, pressing, argon arc welding, polishing, non-standard shaped tube forming, surface treatment including wire drawing, 8K Mirror, satin finish, glass blasting, etching, electroplating, Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD), no fingerprint processing, etc.
Conventionally can process thickness of 0.15-8mm, thick plate can reach 25mm, width of 10-1500mm, length of 1000-6000mm specifications and coil products of various widths, and can order various special specifications of stainless steel products.

Steel Structure Products

It is mainly used to support the curtain wall system. Compared with the main steel structure, it has the characteristics of light weight and short construction period. The curtain wall steel structure is mainly divided into three types: ordinary steel support system, light steel structure support system, and prestressed curtain wall steel support system.

Product Features:

Advanced design: use the most advanced design methods to give full play to the mechanical properties of steel and save a lot of steel;

Novel structure: exquisite structure, greatly expanding the building space, strong sense of the building era;

Fast installation: standard components, well-made, easy, fast and safe construction and installation;

Complete technology: Complete technical system combined with building technology.

Curtain wall doors and windows production base


Aluminum Veneer Production Base

Aluminum-plastic plate production base

Stainless steel production base

Steel Structure Production Base

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